Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dialog Isu GST & Ekonomi Semasa Tanahair(Media)

9 July 5pm (D.I.G.E.S.T) Bilik Perhentian PWTC Penerangan GST kepada Media

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  1. Salam Datuk,

    Selamat Berpuasa.

    What is your assurance that there wont be an overall price hikes? Since GST is meant to all parties involved in the chain right from material producers to consumers, who will end up paying the actual GST???
    How can you or the government control the price of products so as not to burden the public?
    No doubt that these entities accept the consumers will be charged GST and they are required to probably submit reports with prove but how are you going to control the selling price to not be GST included???

    Example: if 3 parties involve in that chain excluding the consumer and those 3 are material producer, manufacturer and wholesaler. The 3 will be charged GST of 6% each. If the material producer sells at RM10+0.60 (GST) to the manufacturer and manufacturer sells to Wholesaler at RM13 + 0.78 + 0.60 (GST) and finally the wholesaler sells to consumer at RM17 + 1.02 + 0.78 + 0.60 (GST) where all of these 3 had taken into consideration of the GST to be included into their selling price. Normally the product only sells at RM17 in the market but due to the GST, it sells for RM19.40. Is that FAIR to consumers? Do you think the 3 others will happily reduce their selling price merely for the GST??? Do you think they care?? Do you care? Does the government care?

    You see Datuk, we the rakyat and I'm an UMNO Taman Cantek, Cheras member are fed up with the government especially the Premier. Year 2013, I voted for BN but when the SLEEPY HEAD headed the government, I protested his leadership by not going out to vote for BN. Next time around I surely will not go out to vote and I will influence as many people as I can to do the same. This is due to BAD MANAGEMENT of the country which BURDEN THE PEOPLE!!!
    I personally have a case already submitted to various authorities including Customs, Bank Negara, MACC, Malaysian Anti-Competition Agency etc about a corporate entity's possible tax evasion but only Customs and Anti-Competition replied. The rest probably not interested but I believe they should be. The amount of tax could be thousands of ringgit!!! Taxes should be collected from business entities more than from rakyat. That's the importance of bringing in businesses from overseas where government can collect big taxes. Tun Mahathir did that and if not totally, at least the country enjoyed some prosperity under his leadership. Why cant any of you learn from him and his team??? The problem is NONE of the ministers especially the Premier has put any effort towards this. Maybe because none of them is business minded which I very much DOUBT considering the personal interest business activities of these people known by the public.

    If this is the way to handle the nation, why do we need all of you??? We are better off living as cowboys!!! At least everyone knows bad deeds may end up in the ground!!!