Friday, March 16, 2018

Himpunan Usahawan 2018 SME Corp

15 MAC - Terima kasih SME Corp. Sedang bersedia utk Himpunan Usahawan Bumiputera #HUB2018, dijangka 16 ribu kehadiran pada ptg Jumaat 30/3/18 bersama YAB PM di Axiata Arena, stadium tertutup Bkt Jalil.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


3 MACMalaysia terima pelaburan bernilai rm197.1 bilion utk thn 2017. FDI (dari luar) rm54.7 b & DDI (domestik) rm142.4 b. Jumlah pekerjaan hingga 2017 sebanyak 14.5 juta. Data2 disampaikan oleh DS @Mustapa_Mohamed dlm pengumuman di #MIDA @MITIMalaysia ptg 6/3/18. Tahniah Kjaan #BN.

Friday, March 2, 2018


2 MAC - “Mak Anna” jenama 12 produk Puan Deliam di #Tuaran #Sabah. Berhasrat besarkan perniagaan dgn bina & jual lot2 kedai di depan kilang ini. Ciri2 #BangsaUsahawan yg berjaya antaranya gigih berusaha, bijak cari peluang, bina jenama, kuasai pasaran, urus kewangan & staf yg dipercayai.

Thursday, March 1, 2018



The purpose of MITI Day 2018 is to promote the role and function of MITI and agencies under MITI to customers and the public. MITI Day 2018 also aims to further strengthen the relationship between MITI and agencies with the public, and to highlight MITI and agencies’ functions that cover all aspects of everyday life. MITI Day 2018 remarkably creates a platform for networking and better image buiding amongst government agencies and public. 

MITI Day for this year is focusing on services sector with the concept of people-friendly and outcme-based. For the first time ever, the National Services Sector Summit 2018 is being held in conjunction with MITI Day.

Among the roles of MITI and agencies are:

i) to plan, draft an implement policies on industry development, international trade and investment 

ii) Promotes foreign and domestic investments

iii) Improves productivity and nation’s comptency in the manufacturing sector. 

Impacts of MITI Day 2018

i) Customers and communities will better recognise the functions and role of MITI and agencies

ii) Reducing the gap between government agencies and the people, in line with the government apporach of service-to-people (perkhidmatan kepada rakyat) ; and

iii) Raise public awareness on services sector of the country

MITI Day 2018 programme is divided into four (4) main concepts; Outreach Employment Opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Services Sector Development. 

The content of each concepts in brief are :

· Outreach

i) Pavilion MITI & Agensi;

ii) Automotive Exhibition by MAI;

iii) SafeCar@MITI by MAI;

iv) Catur Bistari by SME Bank dan JCorp.

· Employment oppotunities

i) Job Fairs & Open Interview Sessions by MIDA

ii) Resource Management in Automotive Sector by MAI.

· Entrepreneurship

i) Kapsul Usahawan & Saham by Bumiputera Entrepreneurship and SME MITI;

ii) Briefing on ‘Boost Application’ by Axiata.;

iii) Passage to International Business: #SrikandiGlobal by MATRADE;

iv) Enterprise Improvement Programme – “Lebih Cekap, Lebih Jimat” by MPC;

v) MIDF Tea Talk “Industrial Revolution – Aspiration and Reality” by MIDF. 

· Services Sector Development. 

i) Services & SME Exhibition 

ii) Pocket Talk on Creative Industries

iii) Services Sector Sumit opening Plenary Session with YB Minister



Disruptive technologies are revolutionizing industrial and services sectors across the globe. Emergence of new and advanced technologies has changed the landscape of industrial and services sector in the global network of production and trades. The digital revolution is not only transforming the way businesses are conducted, but also opening up many new opportunities smaller enterprises to engage in cross-border trade in many new markets. 

In March 2015, the Services Sector Blueprint 2015 – 2020 (SSB) was launched with the primary goal of unleashing the full potential and to move the industry up the value chain. Despite having just undergone two years, the rapid technology and ecosystem changes have necessitated a review. An enhanced policy for the services sector is immensely critical for the successful adaptation of its changing landscape in order to put back the right alignment of the SSB. A set of new and adaptive strategies need to be formulated to transform the services sector into a modern and high-valued sector. Although the sector continues on its growth projectile and has been dominating in its contributions to the Malaysian economy, it is imperative for policy makers, industry leaders, academia, NGOs and other stakeholders to fully understand the changing trends in order to prepare and anticipate future challenges in the sector. 

Given this background, MITI as the main coordinating ministry of the services sector, will be organising the National Services Sector Summit 2018 (NSSS 2018) on the 26th & 27th February 2018. The main objectives of the NSSS 2018 are to discuss the changing trends and opportunities, and to propose solutions to the challenges faced in the services sector. The NSSS 2018 is expected to also produce a set of outcomes for the services sector that are aligned with Malaysia’s Industry 4.0 (i4.0) agenda. The NSSS 2018 programme will consist of 3 main components: 
Keynote Address & Main Panel Discussion; 
Mini Session on Selected Sub-sector; 
MRO in Shipping & Rail Sub-Sectors; 
Digital Innovation & Global Business Services; and 
Creative Industries, Broadcasting, Animation & Gaming. 
Services Sector Booth Exhibition and Job Fair. 

Creative Industry Facts and Figures

· The digital creative sector is significant: with an industry growing at 6.82% CAGR over the last four years reaching a total revenue of RM7.6 billion in 2016. Exports crossed a major threshold in that same time, recording RM 1.17 billion in total export sales. 

· This industry also providing employment to over 10,600 professionals with coverage over the key sectors of animation, games, VFX & new media and platforms.


· The 21st century history of modern 3D computer generated animation in Malaysia effectively began in 2004 with Saladin, a project uniting private business, government facilitation and international co-production. The ensuing international critical and commercial success of this project in and of itself is remarkable, but something more fundamental occurred. An industry around creative pursuits powered by technology was born.

· Since the dawn of the Saladin project back in 2004, Malaysia has always sought to nurture the seeds to what was hoped to be a source of economic growth for the nation. This ambition has materialized in the most interesting way possible, giving hope and ambition to hundreds of entrepreneurs and thousands of artists, designers, technologists and creative professionals to make a career in the creative industries.

· Zooming into the animation sector alone, revenue growth reached RM 187.7 million or an 11.2% growth (from 2014 to 2016). 

· Major Malaysia animation IP among others are Upin & Ipin, Boboiboy, Ejen Ali, Chuck Chicken, Didi and Friends, Originimals and many more. These IP are not just translated or adapted for our audience, but built with the sensibilities of the creative people who made them: family friendly in their approach; imbued with a sense of moral values of friendship, family and perseverance; and for oft-bashful Malaysians, a keen sense of pride.

· Our goal has been to establish Malaysia as a regional Creative Hub, where we both nurture the talent and industry to serve regional and global needs. Opportunities are abound including from countries such as France, Europe, UK, and in key Asian markets that are already working with the talent and businesses in Malaysia.


· In 2014, Malaysia made a crucial decision to fully realise the potential of the game industry. Even back then Southeast Asia represented the fastest growing game market in the world at USD1.09 billion, growing at 28.8% and projected to double in three years. 

· In 2017, Malaysia has seen:

a. A huge jump in exports for game companies based in Malaysia, with over 2.9x (that’s 294% growth) in exports and near doubling of revenue reaching RM464 million in 2016.

b. Recognising that the Malaysian game industry is significant with latest market research showing year-on-year growth rates of +16.3%.

c. And realizing that there are 14.0 million gamers, 7.8 million of which are paying customers. One out of every two Malaysians are gamers, consuming quality digital products and digital games.

d. The strength of Malaysian based studios that have played their part in developing and contributing key assets, art and designs for the best AAA games such as Final Fantasy XV, Street Fighter V and Unchartered 4, as well as the surge of companies that are now developing critically acclaimed IP here in Malaysia.

· Proudly made in Malaysia games among others are Crab Wars, Steam Puff, King’s League Odyssey, Tiny Guardians and Li-Ning Jump Smash 15.


1 MAC - Pengerusikan Mesyuarat Majlis Pembangunan Luar Bandar Parlimen #Pontian di Pej Daerah, pengerusikan Mesy Majlis Pembangunan Pertanian di PPK #Benut, serahkan cek kelulusan pinjaman #TEKUN kpd usahawan & hadir program Peladang Nita Peladang Muda. Antara prgm seharian ini dlm kawasan.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018



1. Ms. Habibah Enok
Director, MIDA Sabah
2. Ms. Dayang Noralizah M. Yassin
Assistant Director, MIDA Sabah
3. Mr. Gilbert Chee
Director, Labuan Corporation

List Of Company Delegates

1. Mr. Darhim Dali Hashim
Group Chief Executive Officer, Radimax Group Sdn. Bhd.
2. Mr. Shamsir Aiza Zainal
Group Chief Financial Officer, Radimax Group Sdn. Bhd.
3. Ir. Mahamud Sayuti Abd. Halim
Chief Executive Officer, Radimax Defence TechnologiesSdn.
4. Mr. Idris Othman
Senior Manager, Naval Projects, Radimax Defence Technologies
Sdn. Bhd.
5. Mr. Amir Syazali
Senior Manager, BusinessDevelopment, RadimaxGroupSdn. Bhd.
6. Mr. Mohd. Zamri Sampol
Head, Projects, Labuan Shipyard & Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
7. Mr. Shamsul Bakhri
Senior Manager, Technical Services, Labuan Shipyard &
Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
8. Mr. Fitzgerald Spencer James
Manager, Health, Security, Safety & Environment, Labuan
Shipyard & Engineering Sdn. Bhd.
9. Mr. Eng Abdel alim Eltayeb Elawad
Counselor, Embassy of the Republic of The Sudan
Managing Director, Giad Industrial Group


The objectives of this visit are :

✓ To foster close relationship with the private sector and obtain views on
ways to attract and encourage investments. MITI/ MIDA seek to better
understand of company’s operation and any future plans of company
to expand/ diversify.

✓ To stay in touch with companies on the ground and gain insights from
their experiences as well as to understand the challenges faced in
growing their operations in Malaysia.

✓ To obtain feedback from companies on issues to help us to fine tune
our policies and measures. This regular interaction is important as we
are developing a progressive ecosystem to promote investments in the


✓ MIDA approved RM113.5 billion investments in services,
manufacturing and primary sectors, where 73.5% was contributed by
Domestic Investments (RM83.4 billion), and26.5% from Foreign
Investments (RM30.1billion).

✓ Services sectorwas the largest contributor to the total approved
investments as at September 2017 which amounting to RM69.2 billion
(excluding real estate).

✓ Approved investments in the manufacturing sectorwasRM35.0
billion with the contribution from domestic investments of RM20.8
billion and foreign investments RM14.2 billion.

✓ Approved investments in theprimary sector recorded a total of RM9.3
✓ The total of 3,886 projects approved has created 91,492


✓ As at December 2016, a total of 757 manufacturing projects with
investments worth RM19.7 billion have been implemented in the
state. More than 91,000 Sabahan have benefitted from these projects
through employment.

✓ Among notable companies operating in Sabah include Petronas
Chemicals Fertilizer (ammonia & granular urea), Sunlight Inno
Seafood (frozen shrimp), Genting Biodiesel (biodiesel) and
MewahDatu (palm oil refinery).

✓ We are pleased that despite the challenging global environment,
Sabah continues to attract additional approved investments worth
more than RM972 million in the manufacturing and services sectorin
January to September 2017.

✓ We know that a comprehensive ecosystem will be a natural magnet
for investments. With that in mind, the Government continues to
undertake concerted efforts to put in place the required enablers to
support investors in doing their business in this country.

✓ The commencement of the latest infrastructure development project,
namely the Pan Borneo Highway, is certainly a game changer that
will transform the future of the Borneo states. The highway will drive
the economic development of the people along its 2,083 km
alignment and accelerate the social and economic growth of the

✓ Upon completion, Pan Borneo Highway is slated to be the
transportation backbone of Sabah and Sarawak and will play a
major role in opening up economic corridors and opportunities in
areas it transverses. With the greater mobility the highway provides,
the cost of ‘point-to-point connectivity’ will be reduced and more
business opportunities will be created in Sabah and Sarawak.

✓ We are optimistic that the project will be an impetus to attract more
quality investments into East Malaysia, particularly in the targeted
sectors such as petroleum products, chemical and chemical products,
oil & gas, building materials, food manufacturing, furniture, tourism and

✓ During the year 2011 – September 2017, Labuan has attracted a total
of 5 manufacturing projects with approved investments RM95
million and 8 services projects with approved
✓ As at June 2017, a total of 28 manufacturing projects with
investments worth RM4.2 billion have been implemented in Labuan.
More than 3,000 job opportues been created.
✓ The highest investment comes from Petronas Methanol (Labuan) Sdn.
Bhd. Followed by Sabah Gas Industries and Amsteel Mills Sdn. Bhd.

✓ Pioneer Status
Income tax exemption ranging from 70% or 100% for a period of 5 or
10 years.
✓ Investment Tax Allowance
60% or 100% on qualifying capital expenditure for 5 years.
✓ Reinvestment Allowance
60% on qualifying capital expenditure for 15 consecutive years.
✓ Import Duty Exemptions
For raw materials/components and machinery & equipment.
✓ Less Developed Area
- The company is to undertake its manufacturing or services activities
in the less developed areas that will lead to substantial creation of
employment and rural development.

(a)Exemption of income
➢ Income Tax Exemption of 100% up to 15 years of assessment
(b)Exemption of income equivalent to the capital expenditure
➢ 100% on the qualifying capital expenditure incurred within 10
years and can be offset 100% of statutory income for the year
of assessment

✓ Other Incentives

➢ Industrial Area Management
➢ Automation Capital Allowance Expenditure
➢ Principal Hub
➢ Independent Conformity Assessment Bodies (ICAB)
➢ Industrialised Building System (IBS)


• Outreach & Engagement
✓ Coordinate and implement the domestic investment promotional
activities at HQ and state state level.
✓ Organise Investment seminars at regional (Northern, Southern,
East Coast & West Malaysia) and national level in creating

awareness on the Government’s latest policies and to boost
domestic direct investments.

✓ Turun Padang & Dialogue sessions with GLICs, GLCs, MNCs,
LLCs,TERAJU, Associations & State Agencies.

• Establishment of SME Investment Desk
✓ To provide support and guidance to local companies including
SMEs, particularly Bumiputera companies.
✓ Dedicated officers at HQ and all state offices.
• Supply Chain Development
✓ To advocate the development of sustainable business integration
between MNCs and local companies/SMEs through conferences
themed “MNCs & SMEs Supply Chain Development &
Opportunities” and business matching sessions.
• Domestic Investment Strategic Fund (DISF)
✓ Establishment of a Domestic Investment Strategic Fund of RM1
billion toaccelerate the shift of Malaysian-owned companies in
targeted industries to high value-added, high technology,
knowledge-intensive and innovation-based industries.
✓ To provide matching grants (1:1) for the following:
1. Training of Malaysians
2. R&D activities;
3. Modernization of facilities
4. Compliance with international standards& Certification
5. Licensing or purchasing of new technology
✓ Since its establishment in 2012 until December 2017, MIDA
approved a total of RM1,328.1million for 270 projects, mainly for
the modernization of facilities.

✓ In the Ease ofDoing Business Report(World Bank Doing Business
2017 Report), Malaysia improved its ranking to 24th position among
190 countries. Malaysia is ahead of Portugal (29

th), France (31st) and

Japan (34th).

✓ The Global Competitiveness Index (2017 – 2018) Rankings,
Malaysiawas ranked in the 23rd position, ahead of Korea Republic
(26th), China (27th) and Saudi Arabia (30th).

✓ Malaysia has ranked first out of 80 countries in a survey on the best
nations to invest in, beating regional competitors Singapore, India,
Thailand and Indonesia, based on the 2017 Best Countries Report, a
joint rankings and analysis project from US News & World Report,
Young & Rubicam’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the
University of Pennsylvania.

• To promote investments in high value added activities and niche areas.
• To create conducive environment for innovation, research and
• To enhance entrepreneurial skills and the development of SMEs.
• To attract skilled talents from abroad in order to sustain growth in the
knowledge-based and innovative economy.
• To promote Industry 4.0

Monday, February 26, 2018


26 FEB - Selesai Hari @MITIMalaysia dgn jayanya. Kami akan terus bawa peluang pekerjaan & perniagaan kpd rakyat. Tingkatkan perdagangan antarabangsa & bawa pelaburan berkualiti ke dlm negara. Bersama agensi2 spt @matrade @OfficialMIDA @smecorp @SME_Bank @MPC_HQ @MAIautomotive @MIDFGroup

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jalinan Mesra Sempena Tahun Baru Cina 2018

14 Februari - Bersama masyarakat Cina di #Benut #Pontian mlm ini sempena Hari Raya Cina. Sin Nian Kuai Le. Gong Xi Fa Chai. Moga perayaan tahun ini meriah, ceria dan penuh muhibbah. Sejahtera & harmoni masyarakat pelbagai kaum di #NegaraKu ini adalah hasil Kjaan @barisanasional yg bersifat adil & membantu mereka yg memerlukan tanpa mengira kaum. Rakyat juga boleh mencari rezeki dgn aman damai. Selamat Tahun Baru Cina.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Bertemu Pegawai-Pegawai Kastam Terengganu

13 Februari - Pegawai2 #Kastam #Terengganu meraikan saya jamu kuih tradisi di bilik menunggu Lapangan Terbang #KualaTerengganu. Masa di #MOF dulu saya kerap dgn Kastam di pelbagai tempat. Tkasih kpd mereka yg gigih kutip hasil & dikembalikan kpd rakyat dlm prgm2 yg baik anjuran Kjaan.

Lawatan Industri Bersama Sme Corp di Maz Frozen Food di Terengganu

13 Februari - Kuih ropa keluaran anak muda #TN50 di #Dungun #Terengganu. Saiful Nizam yg gigih. Juga keluarkan karipap, keropok lekor, ketupat dll. Saya lawat 13/2/18 bersama agensi @MITIMalaysia. Bantuan beli mesin diberikan oleh @smecorp. #BangsaUsahawan muda yg memilih berniaga sbg kerjaya.

Lawatan Bersama MITI & SME Corp Keropok Lekor Aliff Jaya Trading di Dungun

13 Februari - Usahawan muda kreatif. Hasilkan keropok lekor pelbagai perisa. Aliff Jaya Trading di #Dungun #Terengganu @MITIMalaysia akan terus bantu #BangsaUsahawan yg berdaya maju hingga tembusi pasaran luar. Jadikan perniagaan sbg kerjaya pilihan generasi baru #TN50 utk hidup lebih gemilang.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Karnival Jom Niaga - Dataran Amanjaya Mall Kedah

27 Januari - Karnival Jom Niaga Wilayah Utara di Dataran Amanjaya Mall, #SgPetani #Kedah. Anjuran SME Corp, MIDF, SME Bank dgn dihadiri bersama semua agensi @MITIMalaysia. Dirasmi oleh Tok Pa. 3 Exco Kedah hadir. Dato Tajul, Dato Ku Rahman & Dato Suraya. Ribuan rakyat hadir. Tamat esok, Ahad.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Foodtruck Parlimen Pontian

28 Januari - Foodtruck Parlimen #Pontian satu usaha yg baik utk jadikan keusahawanan sbg kerjaya pilihan utama kpd anak2 muda. Anjuran KJOM, Kelab Jejak Orang Muda dihadiri sama Pegawai Daerah. #1Keluarga1Usahawan & #1Kpg1Produk adalah usaha berterusan saya utk tingkatkan pendapatan rakyat.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pecah Tanah Gelanggang Muafakat di Kampung Pt. Pinang

25 Januari - Satu lagi gelanggang muafakat. Ini utk Kpg Pt Pinang #Benut #Pontian. Projek kecil utk anak2 muda yg ingin beriadah agar terhindar drpd gejala spt najis dadah. Pegawai #AADK maklumkan saya tadi ada sejumlah kes penagihan dadah di daerah Pontian. Setiap keluarga, jaga anak2 kita.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mesyuarat Penyelarasan Agenda Belia Bersama Menteri

18 Januari - Mesyuarat Penyelarasan Agenda #Belia Negara di #KBS dipengerusikan @Khairykj dihadiri ramai Timb Menteri mewakili Kementerian. Kerajaan @barisanasional akan terus membantu belia pelbagai kaum dlm pendidikan, kemahiran, pekerjaan, profesional muda, perniagaan, perumahan, sukan dll.